Honda XL650V Transalp

Motorcycle made in 2004. I’ve been riding it for 6 years. I did more than 40000km on it. Currently it has almost 66kkm on tke clock without any failures and problems. Motorcycle was generally incpected befor the trip. I changed the most important parts and made some mods to make riding easier. Mods are as follows:

  • Smaller carburetor main jets (from Honda Deauville)
  • SW-Motech crashbars
  • 3mm aluminium bashplate
  • SW-Motech handlebar risers
  • MRA windshield
  • SW-Motech centerstand
  • Heated grips
  • 2 12V sockets and 2 USB sockets to charge the stuff
  • ScottOiler – automatic chain lubrication system
  • RICOR Intiminators – inertia valves in front suspention, which changes its characteristics
  • Extra LED light – 3300lumens
  • Bigger side stand
  • Steel racks
  • RAM navigation mount over the dashboard

I carry all the luggage in 30l-custom made side panniers. Panniers will be secured with steel Lifeventure cablelocks. Each bag has additional pocket for 2l fuel can. The most precious things I gonna keep in a tankbag, so it will be possible to quickly detach it and take with me. Camping stuff will be placed in waterproof bag on the tail of the bike. Two offroad tires will be placed on the tail as well. 

image (2)

image (3)

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